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Top Issues with Lack of Air Duct Cleaning

12/18/2016 Back To Blog

Here we want to point out some of the most unpleasant consequences that can occur if your air duct system is not cleaned regularly or thoroughly enough. Air duct cleaning is often a task that is sidelined for too long, and as a result these common issues can arise.Top Issues with Lack of Air Duct Cleaning

Broken Air Duct Parts

Air duct repair can be necessary if any of the most important components within the system are disrupted or destroyed by the buildup of dirt and other substances. Fans, filters, grills and motors can be rendered completely dysfunctional if they are covered with solid layers of grime and compacted dust. A repair of parts is likely to cost far more time and resources than a clean, so it makes sense, economically speaking, to have a regular clean rather than risk any costly damage to the machine.    

Poor Air Quality

Indoor air quality can be hugely compromised if ducts are unclean. The dirt can build up over a series of years. Stagnant dirt can fester and develop to host mold and this can then be fanned into the air that is released by your duct. Residential duct cleaning can be especially important for this reason. Your family will spend the majority of their time breathing air that is supposed to be filtered by your air duct system. If this air is polluted in some way, they will be increasingly exposed to poor air conditions. This can be particularly threatening to individuals with allergies, breathing conditions and those in a more fragile state of health. 

Wasting Energy

Your Air duct is meant to be helping to ventilate the air within your property. If it is not doing that effectively, but is still operational, it is wasting energy and producing a cost to you unnecessarily. Conditions within your property may even be worse due to the odors and excessive noise your duct could be releasing, all at a cost. Correct this inefficiency by having a professional air duct cleaning company remove any clotting dirt and clean all of the ducts inner components. 

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