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Read more for answers to questions about air ducts that you can only find in this FAQ page. Discover how to clean air ducts well, which factors to consider before you begin and how you can tell that the ducts are finally clean.

What are the factors to consider when it comes to routine air duct cleaning?

Experts say that homeowners should consider a number of factors concerning routine air duct system cleaning. These factors include the smokers living in the home, how often pets at home shed hair and anyone with known allergies.

How can I tell if my air duct is thoroughly cleaned?

The best way to tell if your air duct system has been thoroughly cleaned is to simply inspect it visually after the cleaning process. Any presence of dust means it is still not clean enough.

Why can dryers become dangerous?

Clothes leave behind lint, which is gradually concentrated in the dryer vents. Actually, our experts recommend immediate removal of the lint but since nobody does that, you should at least make sure of dryer vent cleaning on a semi-annual basis or the lint might cause fire apart from dryer malfunctions.

How do air duct sealants work?

Sealants are compounds that are specially formulated to work well on air ducts. There are other industrial sealants, but they’re more for general use. Air duct sealing requires flexibility and resistance to corrosion. Our experts say that most of the sealants available in the market are generally reliable.

How is air duct seal repaired?

If there is a small hole, extra sealant is added to cover it. If the seal is damaged, it is replaced. The choice of material is extremely important for getting a good and lasting result. Mastic sealant will do a great job and so will specially designed metal tape. Duct tape, on the other hand, is not a recommended neither lasting solution.

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