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Read on to find out more about air ducts.

Air duct cleaning made easy with all these great tips!

Check if the ducts have vapor barriers

Moisture condensation can cause a lot of problems if it's not dealt with correctly. Moisture condensation can be prevented by making sure that a vapor barrier is present on the outside to seal the cooling ducts. Ensure that this barrier is sealed well, otherwise it would be ineffective.

Carbon monoxide detectors are useful

Air Duct Cleaning La Habra technicians highly recommend getting carbon monoxide detectors installed in your home if you use appliances that that run on fuel, such as furnaces, stoves, ovens and certain types of heaters. These detectors have alarms that go off when carbon monoxide in the air reaches potentially dangerous levels.

Deteriorated fiberglass duct liner

Fiberglass duct liner is commonly used in commercial HVAC systems but, over time, they tend to wear down and expose raw fiberglass. This is a serious health hazard and needs to be repaired. Professional air duct cleaning must be performed before applying the encapsulate on the air duct surface to lock down the fiberglass fibers.

How are air ducts cleaned?

There are three common methods for cleaning air ducts. The simplest involves a hand held vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter. Another method is to deploy a mechanical brush attached to a truck-mounted vacuum. This method may not be ideal for older ductwork. The third method for cleaning ducts involves inserting a compressed air hose into the duct to dislodge dust and debris. The freed debris is then removed by a truck mounted vacuum. This is the most effective method for cleaning air ducts.

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